1300 Health


1300Health is a doctor in your pocket, right when you need it.

Our experienced general practitioners are ready to answer your call when you need telehealth advice now.

Immediate Access

Our doctors are just a phone call away, meaning short wait times, usually less than 2 minutes.  

Experienced Doctors

Our doctors have a minimum of 15 years general practice experience. They have encountered and dealt with, just about every health situation and can recommend an appropriate solution to your problem, including prescriptions and medical certificates. 

After-Hours Support

With most GP’s operating within the usual business hours of 9am-6pm it can be hard to find advice after hours without going to a hospital. Our service means that you can access our doctors’ telehealth care when you need it, just by dialling 1300Health.

Worried about your child?

Call 1300Health for an immediate medical opinion. Put your mind at ease by getting trusted medical advice.

All parents are concerned when their child has a fever or has bumped their head. Our doctors can offer you rapid relief to your concerns by recommending appropriate actions or providing reassurance. 

Our doctors can also provide advice regarding baby’s feeding issues.


When can 1300Health help?

1300Health can help you with medical advice and assistance at the time you need it. 

1300Health doctors diagnose, advise and treat majority of health concerns and can help in many ways, not limited to the ones listed! 

Medical Advice

Our experienced GPs provide telehealth medical advice.

Medical Certificate

Had to stay home sick? Our doctors can provide a medical certificate after your consultation!


Run out of your medication? Call 1300Health to get a prescription sent directly to your phone.

COVID-19 test request

Need a COVID-19 test for travel? We can email you a request form to take to a local pathology provider.

Pathology/ Radiology requests

We can create request forms for you to take to your local pathology or radiology provider.

A Second Opinion

The professionals at 1300 Health are happy to review your medical history, test results and specialist opinions, to ensure you receive the most accurate diagnosis.

How It Works:

1. You or a loved one require health advice

A problem arises for either yourself or a loved one and you require advice or treatment from an experienced general practitioner.

2. You call 1300Health (1300 432 584)

Your call will be answered within an average of 2 minutes, our friendly team will take down your contact details and connect you for a consultation.

3. Your consultation with a doctor

Our experienced doctors can be trusted to provide you with expert advice and treatment, based on the information you give them.

4. Any documents will be emailed to you

Our doctors can send prescriptions instantly through the E-Script system. You may also be emailed pathology referrals or medical certificates.

Your questions answered

Sometimes the problem is simple, and sometimes it’s complicated.

Our experienced doctors can be trusted to provide you with expert advice, based on the information you give them. In many situations, this will be enough to deal with the immediate situation and have you back on track to good health.

There will be times however, where you sometimes may need to be referred to your local hospital for immediate management, or to your usual GP at your convenience. The Doctors at 1300 health will be able to determine if this is the case.

There may be follow up communication from our service where necessary. 


1300Health is a National Telehealth Medical Consulting Service where you can speak with an experienced doctor via telehealth to obtain immediate medical advice. 

1300Health’s doctors are specialist General Practitioners registered in Australia with a minimum of 15 years. 

Yes! 1300Health can use the e-script system to send a prescription directly to your inbox or mobile. Medical Certificates and Pathology/Radiology Slips can also be emailed.

No, we are not an emergency service. For any emergencies call 000. 

1300Health is not the government 13health or 1800health services that are staffed by nurses.

We at 1300Health offer medical advice, instant prescriptions and medical certificates as well as pathology request forms. These are activities that 13health or 1800health are unable to provide.

The government has dictated that only the following medical services can be bulk billed by telehealth:

  • Under 12 months of age 
  • Those in a covid-19 lockdown or hotel quarantine 
  • The homeless

Those who are not eligible for bulk billing, a fee applies of $65 per consultation. 

A doctor in your pocket

Have confidence in the expertise and experience of the practitioner answering your call. The numbers speak for themselves.

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